A New Beginning: Goodbye "Enter the Frame"

All throughout my artistic journey, I have used the name "Enter the Frame".

The time has come to finally close that chapter of my life, which may come as a surprise to many of my supporters over the years.

"Enter the Frame" began as a single photo shoot title, then an exhibition concept, and finally my personal brand. Along the way it became sort of a personal mantra, luring me into my continuous exploration of different ways to experience and create art.

To say it changed my life is an under statement.

Making this decision came after countless deliberations with those closest to me including friends, mentors, coworkers, professors, other artists, and primarily myself.

The past two years of my life have been the highest of highs amidst the lowest of lows. While externally I had many of my greatest accomplishments, including graduating college, successfully launching my largest curatorial project, and countless other opportunities, internally I was falling apart. My successes came at a large expense: leaving me unable to, or incapable of, addressing my deteriorating mental health. I always told myself "After this project we can finally have some rest, you just need to power through it!". As much as I knew I needed to take a break to focus on myself, it felt as if someone else was controlling my body, deathly afraid of failure. I no longer felt like myself, and that was noticeable to almost everyone I love.

Depression and panic attacks exponentially increased as I was further submerged into mental instability. I lashed out at loved ones, isolated myself most days, and put tremendous strain on anyone who cared enough to try helping me. It got to the point I could no longer create, talk to friends/family, or practically anything other than escaping the world through my television. Many relationships, including what still feels like a once in a lifetime love, were fractured or entirely broken.

Addressing mental health always seemed too large of an obstacle to overcome. Admittedly, I was also really afraid of losing what remained of who I was after everything. So afraid, I even told others I was making progress before I could even muster up the courage to begin. I hate lying to people I love the most, but I hate the thought of them worrying about me or seeing me as a failure even more.

These last few months I have finally began to see real progress.

I am feeling like myself.

I feel like finally,

I am Evan Kasle,


Thinking back on it, this is the only time in recent memory I have truly felt proud to be myself.

My true self; not a fake image I try to pass off as myself. I hid my passion of art, my fluid sexuality, my depression, and my real emotions all for years. I feel guilt for not allowing everyone to get to see and meet the real me. From this point forward I want everyone to see me for who I really am; an imperfect human being. I am truly proud of my journey into the world of art behind the canvas and behind the gallery walls.

I want to be a role model for anyone out there on a creative professional journey, especially anyone tired of hearing the sanitized version of success stories in our competitive fields. I am hopeful I can one day use all my resources, opportunities, and numerous privileges to uplift others in my current position who don't have all of these luxuries simply because of the circumstances they were born into.

I am proud to no longer hide behind the anonymity of a brand name, after all;


I hope I can make you reading this, and the rest of my incredible supporters, proud with what is in store for my artistic journey. Thank each and every one of you for the motivation to keep pursuing my dreams.