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Evan Kasle is a Massachusetts and Chicago-based artist and arts administrator.

Kasle’s life revolves around artwork, whether it is creating it himself, or working to touch as many lives as possible through the power of art.

As an artist, he is an abstract painter, muralist, clothing designer, and photographer.

As an arts administrator he works as a curator, gallery assistant, exhibition preparator,  art handler, archivist, and artist assistant.

Kasle’s artistic and curatorial practices both revolve around accessibility of artwork.

His body of artwork focuses on the distortion of universally recognizable subjects, primarily human figures, as well as unambiguous color schemes. These two core components paired together serve as a “universal language” to convey the message of each work an easily digestible manner with the intent to connect with as wide an audience as possible, regardless of their individual backgrounds, spoken language, or familiarity with art.

Kasle's work experience throughout his various arts management roles serve to break down barriers of accessibility to the arts by exploring new methods of how art is experienced. These barriers include the cost of visitation, the way art is discussed, display methods, how the visitors can interact with exhibited works, and the selection process for what is shown. The venues Kasle has chosen to work, as well as his curatorial projects, offer fresh approaches to the visitor experience by combatting these challenges.

Kasle graduated Columbia College Chicago in the Spring of 2020, with a BA in Visual Arts Management and Minor in Art History. He currently works for his local art association as a gallery assistant and youth class instructor, as well as continuing with his own artistic practice.

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